Sales Invoice

Is there a way to change the field “Reference” to “Project”?

You can change the label with a custom theme, but it would not be wise to rely on that, because themes are obsolete and will soon be removed.

You cannot substitute an actual project designation, because that information is not passed to the rendering software for invoices by the program.

What about simply placing the project’s name into the reference field or use a custom field?

Of course, you could do either. My comments applied to automatic entries.

@DDM, it is worth noting that project designations pertain to individual line items, not entire invoices. That is why the project variable is not part of the display.

Greetings Tut.

I seek your advice.

My Sales invoices were using “Custom Theme” and all was good. However, last week I updated the Manager to version and now my invoice format has changed.

I understand that “Custom Theme” has been removed but I am now in a dilemma because I need to print my last 12 months invoices in my original “Custom Theme” format.

How can I revert to the older version of Manager and be able to use my original “Custom Theme” format?

Thank you in advance.

You should still be able to use your custom theme. While custom themes have become obsolete, they have not yet been removed from the program.

To answer your specific question, you will not be able to roll back to an older version of the program unless you have an older version of your database as a backup.

I still have old database backup

  • copy your backup file to some where else safe in case something goes wrong.

  • Uninstall manager (so you can install an older version)

  • Install the version of Manager you had before (I save a backup with the version number appended to the file name prior to updating Manager). You may have to guess when you last updated Manager / which version you were using. Old software can be downloaded from links shown in this post Restoring data issue - #2 by Patch

  • Import the backup of your business file and use that to print old records