Sales Invoice address locations

In the United States it is quite common to use a number 9 envelope with two windows on it that allow the sender address to show through on the top and the receiver address to show through on the bottom. How can I change the arrangement of this information on the invoice to match these envelopes? Thank you

You need to write a custom theme. However, you should understand that custom themes are considered obsolete features and will eventually be removed from the program. Writing the theme is your own responsibility.

I actually want to alert @Lubos to the increasing discontent about putting themes as obsolete without following up on the promise that we would get something we can use instead. The same worry I have is with PDF generation. It is obvious that essential things were put into obsolete features that are actually essential features but for whatever reason not convenient to keep supporting.


Is there any documentation left on how to do this or has it all been erased? I am not a programmer, but I do IT work for a living. If there was any documentation I’m sure I could figure it out, but I cannot find any links that still work.
And what is that plan after themes are totally gone?

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No. Relevant Guides were removed when the developer made custom themes obsolete. But, if you are a programmer, you should be able to figure it out fairly easily. Go to the Settings tab. Under Obsolete Features, click on Themes, then New Theme. You will see the code for a theme that duplicates the default look, referred to as the Plain theme throughout forum topics, which remain available. The program itself no longer uses themes, however.

Every variable available is used in this default theme. Custom themes are written in Liquid. Once a theme is created, the option to convert transaction forms to a custom theme will appear on the forms’ Edit pages.

Ok, I made my way through it. Thank you for the help!