Automatically Update Previous Sales Invoice Template


So i updated from 17.4 to 18.3 a few days ago and noticed the Theme was not the same any more. I checked out the guide online and set up the default theme using the Form Defaults but that only takes affect on sales invoices created after i made the change.

How can i get all my previous sales invoices changed to my custom theme?

I dont want to have to do this manually. What if i have thousands of previous sales invoices?


was the theme a custom theme or one of the default themes?

read the below topic if it helps.

Its a custom theme that I created.

I don’t have any issue with selecting my theme from the list like the issue in the thread you sent me so i dont think that one helps me at this stage.

In Settings–>Form Defaults–>Sales Invoice I’ve selected my custom theme and saved it as shown below and it works fine if i go now and create a new sales invoice. But what about all the invoices from the past before I made this change? They are all showing up with the default theme “Plain”. Also im not sure why theres are 2 with the same name as 17.4 didnt have that.


Is there anyway i can get those previous sales invoices updated to show using my custom theme? I realise i can go into each sales invoice and click the Custom Theme tick box then select my custom theme but i don’t want to have to do that manually for all my invoices.

@justinmulligan, your main problem is the same as problem #1 in my post #2 in this topic: [18.1.11] Added "Form Defaults" section and "Custom Theme" checkbox - #2. It was fixed, as you can see from @lubos’s post a few further down in that thread.

But you seem to have a secondary problem that may be causing the first to manifest again. Can you go to Settings => Themes and post a screen shot of your list of themes? You only need to include the portion of the list including active themes (in black text).

Here is the screenshot you requested.

OK, you see two themes named Justin because you have two themes named Justin. Click Edit on them, one at a time, and compare the code. Or go to a representative transaction and switch between them to see if they are doing anything different. I suspect they are identical and you just accidentally copied and pasted the same code somewhere in the past.

If they are different, edit one to rename it. If they are the same, delete one of them. Be aware, though, that any transaction where that theme was selected will now show ##### as the custom theme. So you may need to reselect themes. Unlike most other things, like inventory items or tax codes, Manager will let you delete custom themes that have already been used.

Ive put a screenshot of what the old Manager Themes screen looked like. There were no duplicated in name but there was probably the same code in the backup one.

Anyway I’ve renamed one of the Themes in the new version

When i view my old sales invoices the Custom Theme option still isn’t ticked. So is there a way i can get all the previous invoices to automatically use my custom theme without changing each one individually?


Probably not, but why would you want to change them all - just change the ones you need to re-print/send and 3 months from now you will probably never look back at any of them ever again.

@justinmulligan, I am concerned by the fact that you are showing screen shots of custom themes displays from two different versions of Manager. Unless you’ve segregated different versions of our data file to use with the two different versions, you may have been accessing the same database with the two versions. And that could corrupt it. That may even have been the source of your problem.

The fix to the problem of previously selected custom themes not carrying over will only work on the first conversion. Since you had two themes with the same name, records could have been confused. So if you are going back and forth between versions, who knows what problems could emerge? You might experiment by temporarily deactivating your current Justin them, changing the name of the one you renamed back to Justin, and checking to see whether those old transactions now have something selected.

In general, it is never smart to try to fix problems with Manager by reverting to an older version. Do do these investigations entirely with the current version.

@Brucanna It would be nice if they were all the same i guess. Im sure at a later stage i will need to have a look but i guess its not the end of the world.

@Tut The old version 17.4 was using the desktop version and the newer one 18.3 was using server version. So i imported the business from the 17.4 desktop version into the server version. So there was no corruption going to happen as they will not be looking at the same file.

I renamed the first Justin theme to something else then renamed the Justin-NOT-USED one to be “Justin”. Then updated the Form Defaults but still the previous invoices are still showing the default theme.

Maybe your comment about only working on the first conversion is right. So i guess i either leave all my previous invoices at the default theme or manually go change them editing each invoice.

Anyway thanks for everyone’s help.

This will depend on where you are storing your data file for the server edition. It is possible, depending on your system setup and what machine you are running the server edition on, that you put it right back in the same folder and both editions are calling the same file. I realize it is not likely you did that, but stranger things have happened.