Sales Invoice


Just enquirying as to which might be correct.

I have created a new customer, then entered the sales invoice details as shown, however the amount less GST appears in the Suspense account, not under Accounts Receiveable in the Summary window

so Im not sure if Ive done things correctly.

I have also tried to enter sales invoice with details, as per img.

Then nothing at allappears in the summary window.

Look forward to any constructive advice.

Many thanks

My mistake, amount shows in both Accounts Receiveable and Suspense. So somehow I need to get it out of Suspense.

Transactions are put in the Suspense account when there is an error in the data entry. You get them out of the Suspense account by correcting the error. Most easily found by drilling down on the suspense account and looking at the individual transaction. This is described in more detail in this guide Clear transactions in Suspense account

The account in the invoice line should be an existing income or expense account