Invoices are all in suspense account

I do not sell inventory I sell my time and labour. When creating an invoice I can catergorize my work but cannot seem to determine the account.
When I get paid I enter the payment into my bank account but in the summary all my invoices are listed as suspense.
Is there an account I should have set up in ?maybe? Assets to prevent this?
Thank you

You will need create sub-account under income

Thank you
but I don’t actually have an income account Where do I create it?

Goto Settings–>Chart of Accounts there you can find Income under Profit and Loss Statement. There you can create new account

Thank you problem solved

Suspense is an account Manager uses to store incomplete, incorrect, or unbalanced transactions. Nothing should ever be there.

To create sales invoices, you must first create customers. I recommend having a read-through of all Guides at This will help you determine which modules you should enable. Off the top of my head, if you are running a services business, important modules will be Billable Time and Billable Expenses.

You might also create a test company for experimentation so you are not playing with your actual accounts. You can have as many businesses in Manager as you want.