Payment Going to Suspense Account

I’ve just come across (what seems to be) a strange problem.

Generally, everything is going extremely well with Manager but I’ve just come across an issue with funds going to the Suspense Account.

The weird thing is that if I create a Sales Invoice from a quote (using “Copy to / Sales Invoice”), every thing with the invoice looks fine and seems quite OK.

When I receipt a payment however against the invoice, even though the payment matches the invoice amount, a figure shows up as a CR in the suspense account.

As an example, the quote and invoice shows:

Item 1 - $130.00 - $20 Discount = $ 110 (Including 10% GST)
Item 2 - $20 = $ 20 (Including 10% GST)
Invoice Total = $ 130 (Includes GST @ 10% = $ 11.82)

So far, it all looks good to me :slight_smile:

When I receipt the payment of $130 however, the $130 is taken off the account but then, if I check
the suspense account, it shows a figure of $18.18 Cr against the relevant invoice.

If I create an invoice from scratch and receipt the payment normally, everything is fine with the problem shown above only happening if an invoice is created from a Sales Quote.

By what I’ve found, the only way to avoid the problem is to delete the quote, create a new invoice and receipt the payment “normally”



you should post screenshots of your edit screen in quote, sales invoice, receipt so that we can better understand the problem.
anything going to the suspense account means somewhere you have not selected the necessary accounts.

Thanks so much for your input sharpdrivetek !

I’ve just gone through the process once again and of course, you are 100% correct.

What I found is that I wasn’t able to select an account (for a freight charge) as there doesn’t seem to be any provision for selecting accounts on the quote template, so of course, when converted to an invoice no account was there.

The reason you cannot select accounts is that sales quotes are not financial transactions. They are a convenient way of recording preliminary information for later copying to other forms. In the case of inventory items, because you can select the item’s name, Manager has enough information to add the account later. For other entries, that is not the case.

Thanks so much Tut, I can fully understand now what’s been happening and why it is so