Sales Invoice vs. Purchase invoice - layout, design

When i take a look on sales invoice, looks fine for me, company info, logo, address, customer address and so on, all fine on this paper

when i go then to Purchase Invoice, this is totally different, why? can this be not adjust to same look as on Sales Invoice or what is the reason for that?

The main reason is that sales invoice is what you give to your customers. Purchase invoice is an internal document. It’s what you receive from a supplier. Supplier invoice never contains your logo, that’s why Manager doesn’t show the logo on purchase invoice.


Hi there,

After I hit create in the purchaser’s invoice, I see my compnay logo with the invoice which is supposed to be a supplier’s invoice. It is really weird, any solution?

Thank you in advance,

No solution is needed. A purchase invoice is your document, not the supplier’s. The supplier sent a sales invoice (with whatever logo they wanted you to see). Now you need to get it into your system, which is what the purchase invoice does. No one outside the company should ever see it.

Thank you.