Logo on sales orders

When I make a Purchase Order, my logo is there, all fine, same is for sales invoice or sales quotes but on Sales order there is no logo at all? Any idea what could be the problem here?

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Sales orders are internal documents. When your customer sends you a purchase order, from your point of view it’s a “sales order” and you can record it under Sales Orders tab. Sales orders are not being sent to anyone. It’s for your own records so there is no point showing logo.

thank you for feedback, yes, you might be right. Anyhow we are not working this way. Our customer send us the Purchase order, then based on this we confirm all with a Sales Order. So that why we also use Sales order not as internal, this is something for conformation to the client and have our logo on it.

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If you don’t want to issue sales invoice, then standard workflow is to send your customer proforma invoice which looks exactly like the invoice but it’s not going to affect your accounts receivable.

One of the purposes of proforma invoice is actually to confirm a purchase order.

ok got it. We will review this issue and see how to handle. In our company we use on most of all documents, whatever we use with a company logo, so thats why i come up with this issue. Thanks for help

Can we get a print from Sales Order which says order acknowledgement. This will help us to acknowledge the customer the receipt of his purchase order.

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Any news on expected date of Proforma function arrival?

I would also like to add my logo to sales orders and send to customers.

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Don’t send your customers sales order as a confirmation. The standard process is to send them pro-forma invoice. Manager doesn’t have a tab for pro-forma invoice. I’ll try to add it before end of this month.

Thank you.

I receive orders over the phone. I then send a sales order to the client to ask them to confirm. My clients are individuals who dont use purchase orders.

Hi, Can we have the Proforma Invoice added in next update. It will make our daily operations much easier… Thank you!

Can we add the logo on the sales order just for the sake of consistency? @lubos

@lubos is there a way to update Sales Order template?

I changed my view on this issue. I think it’s OK to use sales orders as external documents to confirm order from customer.

The latest version (16.8.59) makes sales orders look like external documents.

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@lubos you are awesome

great, finally i was asking this issue in Dec 14 ! now its done, great