How to find purchase invoice from sales invoice

how to find purchase invoice from sales invoice

What exactly do you mean? Sales invoices go to customers. Purchase invoices record invoices received from suppliers.

just i want to find my supplier for that particular sales invoice for warranty claim

That makes no sense. As I said, sales invoices are forms you send to customers.

If you have a purchase invoice, which is used to record the invoice a supplier sent to you, the supplier’s name is right there at the top of the form.

If what you mean is that you don’t know who the supplier was or what purchase invoice was involved, search the Purchase Invoices tab listing for a key word describing the item you purchased. If you used that word in the summary description on the purchase invoice, it will come up in the search results.

noted, i think it’s have a way to trace back from sales invoice to sales quotes step by step. like we use copy to… move forward from sales quotes to sales invoice
any way thanks from your kindly assistant