Logo and my company data on the purchase invoice

I am from Austria. I tried to used your software, the desktop edition and I will like to switch to cloud edition but there is something very important for me that I will like to ask if is possible to change because for auditing of every company in Austria it is important for us on the purchase invoice to also have our logo and company data on it the same like for the sales invoice. Just an invoice showing the name of the supplier is not enough because they also want to know who (my company and logo)received/pay for the goods.Also I saw also that in the purchase invoice, the invoice number(primary key) is not automatical like for sales invoice .Can somebody tell me how to correct it?
The software can solve many problem in my company if I have the possibility to put the logo and company data on the purchase invoice.

I think you probably misunderstand the requirement to prove payments. A purchase invoice proves nothing, regardless of what country you are in, because you generate them yourself. An auditor following a transaction would want to see (1) an original sales invoice from the supplier and (2) proof of payment such as a cancelled cheque or bank statement. A purchase invoice is not a legal instrument of any kind. It is only a method for recording a sales invoice you received from a supplier. The supplier’s sales invoice to you establishes the obligation. Your proof of payment shows the obligation was fulfilled.

In some cases, we buy things from private people who don’t own a company e.g I want to buy a car from Mr B and Mr B(private owner of BMW )can not provide any invoice I can use the purchase invoice template to create an invoice putting Mr B as the supplier of the car and my company the person who pay for the car. With the purchase invoice, it will be easy for me to ,write the invoice using the purchase template and ask Mr B to sign as seller for the car.Such money are always pay in cash.I know it is for internal used but it can help us in several situation like these above and I have been dealing with such a template for so many years and I think if you ask the user to decide if they need the logo and their company data will solve so many probem concerning invoices.Please I really need that for creating such invoices. Thanks

I don’t know specific laws in Austria, but in many locations, a sales contract or bill of sale would be more appropriate (and perhaps legally required) than a purchase invoice. Having the seller sign a cash payment receipt in that situation would be useful.

It is difficult to allow the logo and company data to appear the same like in the sales invoice if somebody really need it? You should also understand that the sofware is made to be sold not only in one country but to different country all around the world and I found all the application very very useful. Even if you are a very small bussiness person you can have everything under your control.It is very usedful to have everything in your hand than to be moving with so many papers .I am just a company owner and just trying to explain my problem to you as a software developer and I like the whole application of your software because it match my business need.except the problem of the company data and logo on the purchase invoice.some it is also good to here the user storries.thanks

I am not the software developer. I am a user and business owner like yourself, trying to help others.

@Bakilam you are really just making things very difficult for yourself.

If you need such a document why don’t you create such a template within a text or spreadsheet program. Then you can have your requirements exactly as you require them without relying on others to get it right and you can always carry blank masters with you for such purchasing situations

Then you should be doing a Spend Money entry not a Purchase Invoice as there is no credit involved

Why, can’t they write

The Seller has the responsibility to provide any related documentation regardless of being business or private as they are the ones making a demand for payment. If the buyer decides to assists the seller with the documentation then that’s a personal choice - not an accounting software expectation.

Sorry for asking you this question I thought you are the owner or the developer of the software and thanks also for all the answer.

Hi @Brucanna my question is a technical problem not an accounting problem and only the owner or the software developer can understand me . I just want to ask if the company data and logo can be added to the purchase invoice? if yes then it is part of my requirement as a user of the software.I don’t want to move with papers again and I think this will make thngs more easier .for me.But thanks for your advise may be I demand too much.