Invoice Customization for different type of Businesses

Manager has all the functionalities to be the favorite accounting solution for any kind of business.

However a major drawback is the customization of invoice formats based on one’s requirement. Most of the businesses have their own pre printed invoice forms in sizes smaller than A4 ( especially retailers) ,

Sales invoice is an important document that is the only document circulated to outsiders such as customers so printing it properly as per the business requirements is very important…Currently Manager supports only A4 printing. However most retailers needs the invoice printing to be in thermal papers of 2 inch on wards. So We expect more invoice templates that suits most of the customers required sizes.

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The situation you describe suggests cash sales, which seldom require sales invoices. The amount of information required on sales invoices will not fit on paper tape formats. Your situation might call for a separate point of sale system and daily summary entries into Manager.

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Having a seperate POS for cash sales poses a limitation of integration in to accounts in real time and perpetual inventory management.(and budget constraint for small business) If Manager could handle printing the receipts in thermal receipt printers this overcomes the need for two different systems not connected each other.

I won’t argue with you about what is convenient in your retail environment. But Manager was designed as a general-purpose accounting system, not a retail POS system. If you want to use it for retail POS, you have to accept compromises. As I mentioned, the amount information presented in transactions simply will not fit on a 2-inch thermal paper tape. No one could read it.

Have you considered emailing transactions to your customers directly from the program? Many businesses do that these days, operating with no printer at all.