Sales invoice totals by custom field is not showing accurate data


@lubos when i create report by custom field HSN

  1. HSN is custom field in inventory item .
  2. HSN is custom field in sales invoice line item too. ( which is checked for showing on printed documents .)

data doesn’t show any inventory item which is sold .

also , when i entered data in HSN sales invoice line item manually while creating a sales invoice , despite of it’s saved in inventory item , reports ! shows correct data .

please fix this .


What data? Where? Were items sold via sales invoice during the period defined?

Can you please illustrate this with a screen shot?


this is a bug and has to be fixed if it does not work. it works fine on version 18.3.45 for me.

@NewKrishna_Enterpris what version are you on?


you do not have to create the same custom field for sales invoices tab.
the custom field created for inventory items will automatically appear as a column on sales invoices when the particular inventory item is selected.

your issue might be because you now have two custom fields of similar heading which confuses Manager.
i would suggest you to delete all manually entered data in sales invoice and delete the custom field created for sales invoice. then check the reports again.


@sharpdrivetek, thanks for correcting my erroneous statements. I have a test company set up as an Indian company, specifically for testing issues related to HSN. I thought I was using it, but was not.

I deleted all my incorrect statements to avoid confusing @NewKrishna_Enterpris. I then edited your responses to my incorrect statements, since they would not make sense anymore.

Let’s see what @NewKrishna_Enterpris says after updating software.