Sales invoice total


For example,
in income group i have a account named “Paper”
in expense group i also have a account named “Paper”

i will receive 100 from customer in income paper account that would be my income
i will spend 60 from the expense paper account that would be my expense

Am i doing right or not?
Also guide me how i can make my customer to view only the sum of sales invoice.

Thanks and regards

You are not meant to record your expenses on sales invoice. Why you are trying to do that?

Sir, I am not recording expenses on sales invoice. I only want to show my customer a sum of sales invoice.

i think you should create a customer and can show him the report of transactions for that customer, no need to show him the purchase

You cannot produce a sales invoice without line items.

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Plase check the image may be you got my point.

I got your point. You can’t do it. And why would any customer pay an invoice without knowing what it is for?

@tut i think he want to hide the qty price and amount and leave only description and Total

I am running a printing press business.
let me try to explain you again my headache.

For example, you are my customer and you have placed an order to print a 40 pages book.

I will invoice you for 250 as Lump sum payment.

According to my charts of accounts, i have some accounts as follow:
Paper 100 for the paper that income will be recieved in paper income account
CTP 50 for the CTP that income will berecieved in CTP income account
Binding 50 for the Binding that income will be recieved in Binding income account
Printing 50 for Printing that income will be recieved in Printing income account

I have quoted you PRICE 250 for this project but i haven’t shared the above mentioned break up with you because i will get the paper at 90 CTP at 30 Binding at 20 Printing at 30

So when i will create the purchase invoice the paper would be paid from Paper income account as so on.

Income would be 250
expenses would be 170

I hope you can guide me better this time.


Yes you are right. i have explained below why i want to hide these fields.

@efankar i am sorry but i am not understanding you right
you are making an invoice you put
Paper 100
CTP 50
Binding 50
Printing 50
with qty and price or only total amount in price and qty empty
the customer sees only this
what you spend on the purchase invoice is only for you to see you dont show purchase invoice to the customers what is the need to be so hideous ?
if you need to show purchase with the same value as invoice just print one with the exact values give it to the customer and then change it with the real values

Would Production Orders suit your needs?

@efankar, while I understand your concepts it is not normal for a printing press business to show income broken down by production components. For example, you purchase paper as a raw material, but you don’t sell the customer that raw material, you sell the customer a finished product - a book.

So the question is, why do you need to have the chart of accounts that you have ?
I am guessing you are trying to do doing some form of job costing process.

Also, it’s noted that you don’t have the Inventory Items tab activated. Therefore it’s unclear how you can have both a “Supplier’s” Purchase Invoice for the paper purchased and also have a “Sales” Purchase Invoice for the paper usage - when they both relate to the same ream of paper.