Generating A Sales Invoice List Summary

I would like to generate an invoice list showing customer, invoice no, tax and total. I checked under the reports but it gives me a list showing the grand totals for each customer. I woud like it to be seperated per invoice. I apologize if i just missed it. Please advise.

This has the answer you’re looking for.


Can you assist as to why its duplicating a blank row. I’m not using any themes

Display more information in your custom report while developing it. Such as

  • General ledger account
  • Transaction
  • Amount

Manger is a double entry accounting system so every thing is entered twice in the general ledge

If you want more help show the custom report edit screen

I was expecting something like this. But the Totals need to be seperated per invoice for each customer and the tax shown.
This is my custom report Edit Screen. I was expecting to get a different result, but it looks quite disorganized.

It does this instead, per item in the invoice. Which is something i don’t really need. I need total amount and total tax per invoice.

Custom reports search general ledger transactions, which are by line item, not totals. You will need to use a Group By… filter.