Prefer to hide some financial details from the screen


I don’t want to see the sum total of all invoices (in screenshot EUR 11,000, USD 25,000 etc.) at the bottom of the screen which shows list of all invoices. This is because each sales person raises his own invoice but we don’t want them to see total sales made by the company. Please refer to attachment Please help. Thanks.

Why is that a problem?

@Nooredin, your attachment link was removed. PDFs present risks to other forum members. If you want to illustrate something, please post a screen shot directly.

Pls find screenshot. We don’t want to show information circled in red.

It is not possible to hide this total, sorry

In any case, the total only shows the outstanding amount due not the total sales.

If they wanted to calculate the sales total, they would have to view each invoice individually, note the amount and then add the totals