Sales invoice

We have workshop, when we invoice after repair in our workshop item , We pick item from system inventory and other charges is repair cost, Some customer don’t like repair cost mention separately, they asking repair cost can include to inventory item value , When we include repair charge to inventory item value then all income goes to Inventory - sales feild, When we doing invoice can we customize that income to inventory and other income ( but print invoice need to mention all cost for inventory item cost)

If I understand your question, you can have line items for inventory and line items for labor and other things that are posted to different income accounts. But you cannot post things that are not inventory to Inventory - sales account.

when we add other line invoice print labour cost seperatly

What is your point?

i want mention print invoice one line with total amount, but inside need to separate that amount inventory item price and labour amount (total income need to credit 2 income -but print invoice need to mention all price for inventory item price)

Print invoice with one line, send to client and then amend it making correct allocation of income. Does this works for you?

@chinthaka,you cannot do that, in Manager or any other accounting system. Every line item on a sales invoice is posted to only one account. The summary description at the top can be used to list the overall purpose of the sales invoice.

This would be very bad accounting practice.You would then have no correct record of the sales invoice sent to the customer.