Sales Invoice Template Format Issue


Im using Manager 14.5.27.
I have a issue with the format of the template compared to output.

“Term & Payment Advice” (does not display seprate line (all displayed on 1 line))
“Notes” (displays double line spacing instead of single)

OUTPUT is as follow

Custom invoice template displays paragraph fields (Notes) on a single line

I had the same issue. I found that adding two spaces at the end of each line seemed to create a carriage return.

Hope this helps you too.


Thank you, nice work around :smile:
Still can’t get it to work for the “Notes” Section…
This use to be OK before not sure what changed…


Yeah, sorry about this. Usually I’m really careful not to break existing behavior. This issue came up with introduction of markdown support for multiline text fields. The problem is markdown ignores new lines. I’ll probably add support for new lines back, it will mean I’ll break markdown specification but that is probably the cost to pay when trying to match user’s expectations.


That’s alright I do notice it only happens in the Invoice Template and not the Quote Template… I’m happy with the work around given. No need to change anything, Double spaces works well…

Ps: Sorry guys I been looking at past invoices expecting them to change too…Everything seems to be working ok Thank you