Line spacing is different in PDF

After latest update complete invoice lines are not showing on pdf print. If we give 20 lines, PDF shows only 5. Normally i was giving 20 lines to fill a A4 sheet, now i am giving 40-45 lines for a A4 sheet.

You have posted about related topics previously. You need to understand Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get program. You might also have noticed that fonts are substituted, column spacing is adjusted, and so forth when generating PDFs. The type of stylistic control you want is better exercised with a custom theme than by inserting blank lines.

Same Issue happened around one year before, I searched that topic to comment on that. I couldn’t find that thread. This not the issue of custom theme. First be patient to check and understand the issue.

I am not saying this is an issue related to a a custom theme. I said it would be better to achieve the stylistic control you want with a custom theme. Adding a bunch of empty lines to make the invoice a standard length means you are trying to use the program as a graphic design tool. It is not. And there is no intention by the designer that finished documents will look the same onscreen and as PDFs. So you are wasting your time trying to make that happen. This is the reason custom themes are available.

My customers and product are regular. I need only 10 sec to make an invoice. Take previous invoice of the customer, clone it, change the date, that is it. I am doing a very small business. I don’t want search a programmer to create my own invoice template. sorry.
when a issue happens like this, then it will be difficult to rearrange all the format.


I haven’t the faintest clue what the issue is here

The issue is that @ahmedansar, as he has in the past, wants a sales invoice that completely fills a page despite having only a few line items on it. Yet he is unwilling to invest time or money in creating a custom theme that will do this for him. Instead, he wants to design a transaction form onscreen using blank line items and have it render the same way in a PDF. He seems unwilling to accept the fact that Manager is designed to display and create PDFs according to the theme in use, not what appears onscreen. And he is upset that a workaround he created in a previous version (essentially by accident) does not work the same way in current versions.

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