Custom invoice template displays paragraph fields (Notes) on a single line

I have come across a format bug with custom sales invoices. The bug occurs on Mac (16.5.60) & Linux (16.7.11) Desktop editions as well as ManagerServer (16.7.35) on Linux (which I am evaluating).

The notes field on sales invoices formats properly with the default template but new lines are ignored if you use a custom template resulting in the note appearing on a single line.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a invoice with notes spanning a few lines. Onscreen / PDF / Email views all show the notes spanning multiple lines
  2. Create a custom template in settings (just create one, give it a name and save it)
  3. Edit the Invoice created in step 1 and change the template of the new one created in step 2
  4. Onscreen / PDF / Email views all show the notes on a single line now.

This topic Sales Invoice Template Format Issue describes a similar problem on a different field but the workaround of ending the lines with two spaces doesn’t work for me.

This seems to be a systematic problem with the relevant datatype rather than an issue with the notes field itself as ‘Paragraph’ custom fields exhibit the exact same behaviour on custom invoice templates too.

The only solution I have found is to hardcode the note into the custom invoice in place of the {{note}} utilising html formatting. This is fine for now but its the sort of thing that catches you out later when the note gets changed by the user…

I fixed the template in the latest version. But you don’t need to upgrade, in custom template you can simply replace:

{{ notes }}


{{ notes | newline_to_br }}

Hi Lubos,

I tired the latest version (16.7.58) but the notes still come out on one line - perhaps not released yet?
BTW is there is the releases page just desktop releases?

anyway added the ’ | newline_to_br’ and this has worked just fine so happy with that.


Releases topics in the forum apply to all editions of Manager. They are all identical, all the time, except for multi-user features of the server and cloud editions.

EDIT: ok scratch that. just updated desktop versions and they are all 16.7.58 -
ok so they are identical but the releases page isn’t up to date?

Releases entries in the forum only announce functional changes. In between, there might be several updates in a week, even a day. But these address bugs or improvements that are not visible to users.

ok understand, thanks.