Sales Invoice Showing in Suspense

Hello All,

I have a strange situation where suddenly a sales invoice is showing up in suspense even though I assigned a revenue account which we been using from the beginning.

The interesting thing is the sales invoice is showing up in the AR account properly.

I have tried every scenario I could think of to see what is causing this with no success


So now I just tired to clone a sales invoice that is showing up fine, that seems to appear properly.

If I try and create a new sales invoice it still shows up in suspense like I described in the previous post.


You need to post the EDIT screen of the Sales Invoice and say what edition and version of Manager you are using

I am currently using the latest version,

Please as requested by @Joe91 provide a full screenshot of the EDIT screen of the Sales Invoice that landed in Suspense account.

Sorry for the late replay. Attach are the screen shots you requested. Let me know if you need anything else.


@Dan_TheMan, your link to the PDF was deleted because it represents a security threat to other forum users. Please upload the image directly using the upload icon above the composing pane: Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 7.43.06 PM

@Dan_TheMan when viewing sales invoice, there is Journal button that you can click. It will show ledger transactions for the invoice which is even better than Edit screen to troubleshoot the issue.

Is this happening only when using IT Service Fees account or any account?

We only have 2 revenue account IT Services and Account Services and it happens on both. It shows up in AR, but not in Revenue.

The strange thing is if I clone from an old invoice from 3 months ago, it works fine. Its only happening when I create a new sales invoice.

If you send me your backup to, I’ll have a look what is going on.

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