Received money

Hello just a question - I have created a sales invoice - this has been paid and i have received
the money in Manager - I see this listed under sales invoices as paid with a particular description

When i goto summary i see this as income but when i click on the amount it shows as sales invoice but there is no description.

Is there any way to check if I have entered the same income TWICE please?

thanks for any help

If you had entered the same income twice you would still have an unpaid invoice, as you only received one payment. One payment can’t cause two invoices to be shown as paid.

could i have entered the second income for the same thing without creating an invoice though?
i don’t know why the description is not the same on the 2 items?

Only by processing the received money as a cash sale, but then the invoice wouldn’t be shown as being paid.

When you drill down from the summary tab, you are looking at the contents of income account - the income account only holds the information that it requires, it isn’t required to hold a complete duplicate of the transaction.

EG: the income account only holds the total of the sales invoice, not the values of the individual items making up the total.

ok thanks for your help Brucanna

i have 1 cash account - is there somewhere i can go to view all debits and credits itemised on this account please?

Yes, go to the Cash Accounts tab and click on the blue cleared balance figure (right hand side), this will list all transactions - debits in black and credits in red.

awesome thanks - got it sorted now and i did add the same thing twice…thanks heaps

You could always use the Bank Reconciliation feature to sort out cash account situation.

ok thanks