Sales invoice - screen form jumbled

this is something new. what caused this to happen?

Does shutting Manager down and re-starting correct the screen form ?
Which edition - Cloud or Desktop - and if Desktop, which version are you using ?

Manager 18.1.95
No shutting down does not help

As your on the latest version - will list as a bug

Can it be fixed?

Once the Developer gets notification of the “bug” they will investigate and will respond back here.

k thank you

Any chance you could send backup file of this business to You can rename the business, rename names of customers or whatever necessary.

Hm, a misalignment happens in sales invoices when another language is in use. This is probably not related to the problem above, and I’m guessing is there because the translated strings are longer. Anyway, having it reported might be useful. Screenshot_20180306_232644

I have sent it through to you now.
I also cant press any icons like receive money, email etc…

@BBling I can’t reproduce this issue. Is this happening on this particular business or any business you have in Manager? Can you create new business and see if the problem is in the new business too?

It wont let me add another business

It used to work so well then one day i opened it and it hadnt been used in a while and came up like that so i redownloaded the latest version hoping it would be fixed but nothing, so iv left it for a few months now i want my program back aghhh… :frowning:

It also wont let me open past back ups just todays one and when todays one opens it says Javascript Error

On Windows, Manager is using Internet Explorer to display its user interface. And it requires Javascript to be enabled.

Have a look at these two topics which discuss the issue:

I reset my internet security settings… and my invoices are back to normal!!! and it all works!! thank you for all your help and time :slight_smile:

I’ll share what I found when using Chrome Browser (I have Manager Cloud Edition).

For some reason I don’t know why, and for the longest time, Chrome seems to get too full in some way. Then Manager and some web sites don’t work properly. Sometimes I can’t log into a web site and cannot log into Manager, either. The display of some web sites and Manager can be missing pictures and icons, and sometimes just seems all messed up.

So, what I do in Chrome is ctrl-h to display the history. Then I click on “Clear browsing data”. I clear everything except media licenses. I probably don’t need to clear everything. I have found that I do need to include cookies and that I need to include more categories than just cookies. I just haven’t done enough testing to figure out which categories. So, I clear everything except media licenses.

After I clear everything, everything works again. This appears to be a Chrome problem and have nothing to do with Manager. I think there is nothing that could be fixed in Manager that would keep this problem from happening.

I think I remember seeing this kind of thing happen in FireFox, but maybe less frequently.

So, maybe on any browser, even Internet Explorer, Edge, Maxthon, and any other, worth trying to clear the browser as described. When you clear cookies, you have to log into Manager Accounting again, as well as log into web sites again.

the problem notified on the topic initially was when using the desktop edition where no external browser is involved.

Certainly true, for which I made sure to mention I am on cloud edition. I am thinking that the desktop edition is mostly the same C# code, same for all editions. Therefore, a problem in one edition has some likelihood of being a problem in all editions.

“Same C# code” is from this discussion: Post by lubos