Java Script Error

I can’t create invoice, add new inventory, or click the “BACK” button…

Almost every box is not working efficiently.

What should I do?

That really isn’t enough information for anyone to give an answer.

Which version are you using - Desktop, Cloud or Server?
What platform are you using - Windows, Linux, Mac?
What version number are you on?

Thanks for writing…

It’s the Desktop version 18.4.2. And my operating system is Windows 7

Was 18.4.2 working okay before this occurred or had you just downloaded 18.4.2.
You need to provide more information as to your circumstances around using Manager.

Also, if there is any error message, post a screen shot of it and describe exactly what steps you took that produced the error.

It was working perfectly okay before

Then perhaps it is a Java or Java update issue.

This is what I get when I try to create new invoice

What should do?

It looks as though you are using a backup file - business name with date.
If you have another backup file (different date) try importing that and see if the problem persists.
Or, do a system restore for a date prior to the situation occurring.

This has already been happening before I backed up the file.

When I downloaded manager in one of my PCs and imported the back up file, it worked. But it won’t work properly in this particular system. I even uninstalled and reinstalled manager in this system, but the problem has persisted.

I updated my windows, yet the same thing.

Please what more can I do?

try the below steps and get back if it worked.

  1. reset the internet security level settings in your Internet Properties.
  2. make sure javascript is enabled in Internet Explorer.

Thanks… I did that and it worked out just fine.