Payment form display issue

Hi There…
I am facing a problem with manager for last two days. When I try to add a new line in invoice, payment or any other section, it’s not working. It only opens a line like this!

Also when I select an account head like ‘accounts receivable’, sub accounts are not showing here like this!

I think it’s a bug. Please fix it ASAP.


What edition and version are you using?

I am using server edition, version: 21.9.34. But, I started facing the problem with previous version. I have updated to this version to see if the problem is fixed, but found no improvement in current version too.

Why are you entering a payment and posting it to Accounts receivable?

I was just trying to show the problem by taking a screenshot. I actually facing the problems everywhere.

I cannot add lines, sub accounts not showing, even after saving some transaction these are showing as suspense although I have posted them to appropriate accounts!

I cannot reproduce this. I suspect it’s a system problem. Have you tried with a different browser?

Server edition can be on a Mac, Windows or Ubuntu environment. Please provide that detail.

@ahmajumder if you can send me your accounting file to where I can reproduce this, it would be very helpful.

@Abeiku Yeah, this is the problem. Thanks.
I were working with Chrome, where it was causing this issue. But, after switching to firefox, it’s working fine! So, I agree that it’s an issue with my system.

Thanks again.