Creating Sales or Purchase Invoices redirects to Summary

Hi team,

When I create a Sales Invoice or a Purchase Invoice, as soon as I click the “Create” button I get redirected back to the Summary tab. This occurs in the Cloud edition of Manager and appears to be a recent change. Is this now a configurable option? If so, where?


What does the version number in gray text at the bottom of your screen say? I ask because it does not occur in the desktop edition v18.5.55, which is currently the latest posted for download.

No, it is not a configurable option.

My version is also 18.5.55.

Kind regards,

Matthew Thompson

I don’t mean to sound mistrustful, but have you tried this multiple times? Are you sure this is happening? The editions are supposed to be identical except for lack of multiple users in the desktop edition.

Also, does this happen on existing invoices if you click Update?

When I update an invoice, it takes me back to the list of invoices, which is also different from the usual behaviour. Normally it would take me back to the “View” of the invoice in a pseudo-PDF format. I’ve tried it all multiple times and it’s definitely happening in the Cloud edition. I noted the other day that it seemed to be bugging out, dropping me to a blank invoice preview after creating or editing an invoice.

I can’t test this, because I don’t have the cloud edition. But what you describe should definitely not happen. The question is why it does in one edition and not the others, or at least not in one other.

Can someone on the cloud edition please test this? @lubos, I hesitate to put it into the bugs category when no one else has reported it.

I’m able to reproduce this issue when using Firefox, not when using Chrome. Anyway, fixing it now.

Sorry, should probably have mentioned that I’m using Firefox. Thanks @lubos!