Sales invoice, sales quote

@lubos my question is that why when generating a pdf format of sales invoice and sales quote, it doesn’t show “Bill to” or quote to" at the top of customer name so that a customer can see the document are addressed to them, the document is just blank , can it be addressed and changed

Your question is not clear. Please illustrate with screen shots.

If you are asking whether a label can be added above the recipient’s name, the answer is yes. That would require a custom theme. Be aware, however, that a theme can apply to any transaction type. So you would need a different custom theme for each type.

In all my years moderating this forum, you are the first person who has ever asked for this (assuming my guess about your meaning is correct). Who else would they think the invoice or quote is addressed to after seeing their name on it?

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@Tut thanks for your kind reply you have actually understood me.I understand I would need a custom theme to add a label on top of client name.You are talking sense
Thank you very much