Sales invoice payments before starting date

There seems to be a possible bug with changing the “starting date” in settings. When you go into sales invoices, all invoices before the starting date are flagged as “overdue” as if the payments to the invoices that happened before the starting date are not properly recognized. If you remove the date, or use a date after the date of invoices, it shows “paid in full”

If the Invoices before the Starting Date were fully paid before the Starting Date - why are they being entered at all. Only Invoices that are unpaid at the Starting Date and subsequently paid after the Starting Date should be taken up.

If the Invoices are part paid before the Starting Date, then only take up the Invoice balance.

Aside from @Brucanna’s very valid point, what you say, @dgray, reflects an apparent misunderstanding of the purpose of the Start Date. The Start Date is the date at which a transition is made from a previous accounting system to Manager for an ongoing business. A startup company should not set a Start Date at all. All transactions prior to the Start Date are ignored with the exception of sales invoices and purchase invoices. This is so opening balances in Accounts receivable and Accounts payable can be established by entering invoices not paid as of the transition date. This is necessary so the subsequent payments @Brucanna mentioned can be allocated to specific invoices. Payments and Receipts entered for dates prior to the Start Date are ignored, because as far as the program is concerned, they never happened. See these Guides: