Paid all "sales invoice" but suddenly its status shows " as overdue"

What is your Start Date under Settings tab?

it’s 01/04/2020 (as new financial year)

See this guide: Set start date | Manager and Close an accounting period | Manager

Start date is not for start of your financial year.

Maybe Start date should be renamed to Date started entering transactions into Manager or something, people seem to get confused with this quite often.

I’ve noticed that too. I’m planning to work on starting balances soon to resolve some usability issues so I’ll keep this in mind.

And maybe also a New Financial Year button which people could add a date to change the summary screen.
That also comes up a lot.
I know it’s already there but some don’t find it easily.

I think there is only so much hand-holding you can do - if you buy a tool you are expected to make some effort to use it correctly.

If you can not educate yourself to this extent, then maybe you should use a third party accountancy service to do your accounting

When I worked in the IT-business the developpers used two abbreviations:
RTFM and RTFS which stands for:
Read The Fucking Manual and
Read The Fucking Screen.
People very often use Manager like they use their car.
When the car is old and worn-down, the manual is still brand new and never opened.

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thank you ….start date under setting tab (I changed this date as per new financial year .

I agree with @Joe91 and @Hennie. Start date is very simple. It is the date you start, not the beginning of some accounting period. It is clearly explained in the Guides, as are the principles of closing old and beginning new accounting periods. Changing terminology risks confusing the thousands of current users who are not presently confused. They are likely to think there is some new feature.

That approach sounds sensible to me.
A small warning in the start date/ starting balances screen is probably all that’s needed, such as:
These settings should only be changed when moving from another accounting system to Manager, not at the end of a financial year.

The problem with “It’s in the guides” solution is you need to know the assumption Manager works like the old accounting software is wrong. And users who recognise that actually don’t need the guide.

Amen to that. Also along the lines of the biggest hole in IT security - is not IT, but the $%^&^%$ users! I don’t know why, but people do not read what is on the screen.

Perhaps “Starting Balances Date”, as the Start Date is set-up under Starting Balances.
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Then the date relates to Starting Balances rather than being mis interrupted as the Start Date of a financial year.

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