Sales Invoice - paid in full

Seems there is a problem since the last update. when i now make a Sales Invoice from sales order, the stamp always shows “Paid in full” but there is no payment done. I don’t use any template, just use the built in. Before update this was ok. Now every INV i made is shows stamp paid in full

One explanation is if you don’t select any customer on invoice, then invoice will not be in general ledger and balance due will therefore be zero.

not clear on your feedback, as i always do, after make the Sales order i copy to Sales invoice, thats it. What i found out now, if f.e. i change the customer in the invoice then all is ok?? dont understand

@lubos, i think i found out why, there was auto payment?? why this happen, i dont want this, can i change this?

It means there was customer credit. If you’ve received money from customer in advance, Manager will always match credit with new invoices if possible. This is to avoid situation where customer has credit and owes you money at the same time which is illogical. So it can’t be turned off.

Did customer really have credit? If yes, why it cannot be matched against invoice?

i checked but this customer dont have any credit, i also dont work like this. Customer get invoice, then he pay but never some payment before, so i cannot understand. So how i can solve this issue that customer still need to pay this amount and i also can book it then?

@lubos, seems i could solve it, found out the credit note was deleted, so mixed up something, now i make all new and looks like seems to be ok now

i think problem was delete credit note?!

thanks for help

Credit note is one of the ways to give customer credit so if credit note wasn’t really issued in the first place, it should be deleted.