Exclude balances in sales invoice

how does one set the sales invoice to give only that invoice value, with out any balance showing ??

Your question is not clear. The balance showing on a sales invoice already applies only to that invoice.

I want the invoice to be the invoice, with out any balance to show
I always get this, as attached.
Is there any setting to remove the balance??

No, there is no setting. You could do it with a fairly elaborate custom theme, suppressing the unwanted lines with conditional logic as the theme loops through the totals array. And, before you ask, if that cursory explanation doesn’t make it obvious to you, it is doubtful you have the programming knowledge necessary to accomplish it.

Ok, thanks !
I’ll use another invoice app

There are several roads to Rome.
You can save the invoice after it has been created. This way you always have an invoice without other data.

True !
How does one “save” the invoices??
Isn’t it already, on the free version?!

After creation, view the invoice then click on Print then save as PDF file to a folder of your choice. This is where you would have the original.

Looking at the image @hitarth has postage it appears the issue is with the applied payment and the balance due being included on the invoice where the payment applied pre-dates the invoice?

Yes, looks like it
Any ways I can un do this payment application?

An unallocated credit nalance on a customer’s account is applied to the next invoice

If you do not want this to happen with a customer’s advance payments or deposits, you must use a special account

This is clearly explained in the guide

Thanks, will check it out


Yes, done.

Ism doing this generally but it doesn’t take off the balance

Thank you

The issue of automatic application of available credits to sales invoices is not what you asked about, @hitarth. You asked about removing the Balance due line on the completed form. That can only be done with a custom theme, as I already told you.

I am curious why you want to remove it. Most people who have issues with sales invoice content want more information to appear (usually something not available for the transaction), not less.

Yes, that’s right, I want the “balance due” line removed.
I’m deciding which accounts package to buy. Most of the packages don’t have this “balance due” showing

So if a customer makes an advance partial payment, how would they know what was left to pay?

If you do not want this feature, perhaps you would be happier with a less capable program.

I would sent them a statement

In a copy of the Plain theme, insert the following code after {% for total in table.totals %}:

{% if total.label contains 'Less' %}{% break %}{% endif %}