Sales Invoice Items Reporting

I have one business in manager where insurance policies are sold by the employees/sales agents and sales invoices are than sent to the broker for the policy commission and from that commission when received agents are paid 50% commission…

I have created Sale Items like Car Insurance, Health Insurance etc…
also I have created Tracking code with agents name…

How can I create a report to see how many Car, Health Insurances were sold and total revenue generated by each agent?


If you are using tracking codes for agents, then you will need to generate profit & loss statement for that tracking code.

You can generate P&L on cash-basis, this way you can make sure agents are paid commissions only on paid invoices.

Thanks… I know that bit about tracking codes in reports…
How can I generate Sales Items report…

Would you please give me SQL query for this custom report.

Report for Sales Invoice Items
Showing total quantity in invoices issued,end of the month i.e. 1-12-15 to 31-12-15.

Another report

Showing Agents(tracking codes) and no of Sales Items sold monthly

Tracking Code–Item1—revenue------Item2–revenue------item3—Revenue----Total Items----Revenue

Thanks @lubos

Currently, custom reports are too limited to allow for this. But you will be able to get these reports in the future. Ask in about a month. It could be possible by then.

Hi I’m struggling with the same issue so wonder if any update ?

Still no progress on documentation for custom reports.