Monthly Sales Report by Product groups

Hi, I created a custom field in inventory items to assign an individual article to a group of products.

I would like to run a report every month (or every quarter) that shows me all the items that have been sold during this period (including profit generated per article) and including this custom field. It may be in Manager, but would be fine for me as well if I could export this data to excel.

In this way I would be able to generate a report for the sales that will show me how every productgroup performed. (In terms of total sales and generated margin).


  • Sunglasses: Total Sales 630K, Profit 200K
  • Bags: Total Sales 320K, Profit 150K
  • Jewelry: Total Sales 250K, Profit -90K

Total Sales: 1200K, Profit 260K

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yeah, i also think this would be nice to make this possible. We do also some business on trading and use f.e. product groups like "casting, machining, stamping aso… if can make a report here also would be great, then i also see which product group would be most profitable one or not…

You should be able to do what you want with tracking codes.

Thanks, I did not know this function untill now and it seems that it could do the trick. However would it be possible to add this tracking-code to the productdata ? It would save time and lower failurerate.

This is something I’m trying to address with custom reports. I know many people are waiting for this. The feature is being improved in the background to fit more and more use cases. It’s just not ready for general use yet.

Tracking codes are only for the purpose of generating Profit & Loss Statement by segment.

OK, thanks Lubos. Great Software by the way !