Sales invoices items report

Is there some possibility to get report about sales invoices items (not inventory items) per month (qty and amount).
Additionally would be also good to know how much you get a profit from each invoice or from each sales invoice item.

Of course it needs some additional development.

Example: you offer legal services, sales price is 100 and purchases price is 70, so you will get profit 30. By entering an invoice you have one additional field, where you can write purchase price or example 70% and then it would be automatically calculated from the sales price.

Of course there will be a one problem! When you have a customer sitting near on you, then you dont want, that the customer can see how much you will get profit. It can be solved, when there would be some additional tab and clicking on it, you can write amount.

I think, that so kind of information would be very good for smaller companies. This would be like just for an information not for posting in the balance.

Also would be very good, when there are possibilities to save by sales invoice items default purchase value.

My original idea was that items are really just shortcuts to create invoices faster. They weren’t meant to be anything more than that. This was to encourage people to set up their chart of accounts in more detailed way and rely on standard reports such as Profit & Loss Statement.

hehe :slight_smile:

all the good things are growing up from small wishes :slight_smile:


Some of my customers pay 50% amount with purchase order and remaining 50% amount with items delivery. I did not found the option in Sales Invoice if the customer is paying 50% with PO and remaining 50% with delivery?

In Purchase Invoice, if I am clicking on view option it shows the option Balance Due, whereas if I am clicking on edit option there is no option to write amount paid and balance due.

Read the Guide about customer deposits and advances.

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