Sales invoice is still showing " XX days overdue"

I follow the process as below:

  1. Created a customer — > created a sales order
  2. Created a sales invoice with Account “Account Receivable (AR) as GL item.” Since the amount was not received before defined due date, invoice was showing " XX days over due, where XX is days after defined due date. Till now it is correct.
  3. I did a receive amount transaction in my configured bank. This time Account as by default by “Accounts Receivable again with invoice details automatically came” On completing transactions, Amount shown in AR is negative and in bank as deposited. This resulted in status of invoice as " Fully Paid".
  4. However in above step, if I select suspense account as “Sales” from P&L, I can see value in bank and in sales account but invoice still shows " XX days over due"

I want to understand why this is happening? Am i doing some financial step wrongs or it is a software bug?


If you are creating sales invoices correctly, Accounts receivable is not an available choice for account allocation. A new sales invoices automatically (and invisibly on the creation screen) debits Accounts receivable. The account you are selecting is the account that will be credited in offset, such as a sales income account.

You never should and under any circumstance I know about you never can select the Suspense account. Suspense is where Manager temporarily stores incorrect transactions. If there is anything there, the transaction(s) involved must be edited.

Can you please describe in great detail how you created the sales invoice? Show a screen shot of the editing screen for that sales invoice. Also show a screen shot of the input screen for the Receive Money transaction.

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