Sales Invoice Form Bug

It has taken me a while to click why this keeps doing this.

Amounts are tax inclusive
Round off the total
Deduct witholding tax

If you click anywhere on the same line where this appears, it ticks the box/unticks the box. For example I can click on the RHS of the screen on that line and it ticks the box. Please fix this as I am always accidentally ticking the boxes!

Good point, those checkboxes are fixed in the latest version (16.9.74). But Manager has a lot more checkboxes throughout the program so I will need to look at that too to make it consistent. At least fixed on invoice screen.

Thanks. the only ones that I am aware of that are causing a problem are the ones in the sales invoices as I was constantly getting amounts are tax inclusive ticked. It took me a while to realise the cause of the problem. I will update to the latest version.

Hi @lubos, could this also be fixed for sales quotes please?

The latest version (17.4.59) should be fixing all checkboxes.

Excellent thank you.