'Amounts are tax inclusive' setting not sticking

Every time I create a new purchase invoice, I have to remember to check ‘Amounts are tax inclusive’, and next time the setting doesn’t stick. Is this something new? I don’t remember having to do this every time, but recently I started missing it and getting incorrect invoice totals.

I notice in settings there’s a ‘Form Defaults’ feature, but the ‘Purchase Invoice’ form doesn’t reveal the ‘Amounts are tax inclusive’ checkbox without entering a supplier. I just want my preference to stick for all purchase invoices.

While on the subject, it would be helpful to see the tax-inclusive total on the Purchase Invoice entry window. At least that would give you a visual check and balance, helping you to see if you need to tick or untick the ‘amounts are tax inclusive’ to arrive at the correct invoice total. As it is, you can’t see that you have an incorrect total until you press ‘Create’ or ‘Update’, and check the total in the table.

This part is not intuitive but on form defaults, select supplier, check the box Amounts are tax inclusive and then unselect the supplier. Then save your form default. Amounts are tax inclusive box will be checked regardless of supplier.

Ah, thanks for quick reply Lubos! You’re right, it’s not very intuitive, but it works great once you know how.

What do you think about my other suggestion, of including tax-inclusive total on the Purchase Invoice entry/edit screen?