Sales Quote total bug

Version 17.12.22

when a sales quote total is rounded, the list still shows the decimal values.


I don’t know whether the developer would consider this a bug. Remember that sales quotes have no financial impact on your records. So the listing is just a record of the exact amount of the quote, leaving you with the option to copy it to a sales invoice in the exact amount. The rounding appears on the completed form of the sales quote, which means you can treat the rounded quote as either an approximate figure or an exact, rounded amount. If you copy to a sales invoice, both the completed sales invoice form and the listing will show the rounded value. In other words, flexibility is preserved, and the rounding becomes final only at the sales invoice stage.

Incidentally, copying a rounded quote to a sales order eliminates the rounding. So the decision to round or not is again put off until the sales invoice is created.

thanks. i understand that the sales quotes have no financial impact but just pointed out the inconsistency because what the user wants and what Manager lists are different. a user will not round the total if they don’t want to. and when they do they expect to see it rather than what Manager thinks is better for the user. :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently, @lubos agreed with you, @sharpdrivetek. By version 17.12.35, the program had been changed so rounded quotes show the rounded values in the Sales Quote tab listing.

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thanks to you and @lubos

Version 17.12.39

the problem still persists. the rounded quote is still listed with the decimal values.
tried creating a new quote and its the same.

also a new problem has emerged. the Clone function in a Sales Quote brings the below error.

Here’s a rounded quote from my test company:

34 PM

And here’s how it shows up in the Sales Quote tab list:

53 PM

This is with version 17.12.36. And the clone function worked perfectly. I will update and test again, then edit this post.

EDIT: Updated to 17.12.40. Rounded quote shows the rounded total in Sales Quotes tab list. Cloning worked perfectly.

Cloning should be fixed. It was regression bug in one version only.

As for the inconsistency in totals, I can reproduce this when tax code is being used and amounts are tax-exclusive.


yes the quotes i had tested were both with tax codes and amounts tax-exclusive.

I can produce an error, too, with a tax-exclusive tax code. But it’s worse than described. This sales quote:

16 PM

Shows like this in the Sales Quote tab list:

51 PM

In other words, the tab listing is showing neither the exact amount of 22.08 (sub-total plus VAT) nor the rounded amount of 22.00. Instead, it shows an amount that is the rounded down sub-total plus VAT on the exact subtotal.

This is, in fact, exactly what the program did in @sharpdrivetek’s first example. But the misbehavior was camouflaged by the fact that his sub-total had no decimal amount. So the rounded sub-total was the same as the actual sub-total. The tax was then added to the rounded sub-total.

reproducing what you found, this is what happens in my version 17.12.39 with a different tax code.



I was rounding down on my example. You are evidently rounding to nearest. In both cases, the sales quote itself is correct.

But when it comes to displaying the quote amount in the Sales Quotes list, the program behaves the same way regardless of how rounding has been set. It round the subtotal down and adds the correct tax for the exact subtotal.

In my example, 18.40 was rounded down to 18.00. Tax of 3.68 was added, producing 21.68.

In your example, 18.40 was also rounded down to 18.00, even though you had selected rounding to nearest. The tax of 2.21 (calculated on 18.40) was added, producing 20.21.

So for purposes of calculating the Sales Quote list, the program always rounds the subtotal down, then adds tax on the exact subtotal. It seems it should just capture the Total from the sales quote.


another example proves this is not the case.



in this test the subtotal has been rounded up when i have set the rounding to nearest.

anyway there is a major problem with this and we can confirm that.

So sometimes the program rounds the subtotal up and sometimes down. But we haven’t identified when it does which. Then it adds the correct tax on the exact subtotal to the rounded subtotal (whichever way it rounded). And that is what it displays in the Sales Quotes list. So I’ve put this into the bugs category.

The good news here is that the transaction itself, when viewed, seems to always be correct.

Had the Sales Quotes list always shown the exact amount, regardless of rounding, at least the behavior would have been consistent. And it could, according to the logic I first put forward as a possibility, be justified. The present situation is just mysterious.

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Fixed in the latest version (17.12.52)