Sales Invoice date is showing 01/01/0001


is there any issue with sales invoice date? at the screen i’m seeing the date as 01/01/0001
But when edit the invoice, it will show the exact issue date.
…i creating the invoice thru “Batch Create”

Kindly need some help for this.

Update your software. A bug with dates in batch operations was fixed today. See if the problem persists.

Hi @Tut ,

i’m using website version, is it mean already updated? or anything else i need to do?

That depends on what you mean by “website version.” Do you mean the server edition (self-hosted) or cloud edition (monthly subscription)? The cloud edition is updated automatically after a few hours of inactivity. You can force an update by restarting your server here:

I suspect you mean the cloud edition.

What date format are you using in batch create? It needs to be dd/mm/yyyy based on your business settings.

Hi @Tut & @lubos ,

Thanks. Manage to resolve the issue by reset the date format, seem like the date format is changes.