Date in invoice not update

Hello Managers,

I have a problem in 19.12.12

Invoice date not update in invoice form like my system date is 05.01.2020 but in invioce shows 03/01/2020

How it fix.?

your question is a little confusing. are you saying the date is wrong? or the date format is different?

if it is the latter, you can set the date format under Preferences.

Date is wrong

Only in invoice date still 03/01/2020 but other forms like in purchase invoice, receipt and payment,credit not etc date is correct

This problem is only in sales invoice

in your Form Defaults for Sales Invoices, try deleting the date and click Update button.

also, does you problem occur when creating a new sales invoice or when using Clone button from a previous invoice?

problem solved thanks sharpdrivetek :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

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its works man thanks