Sales Invoice - Custom Themes

I was hoping to set up a Custom Sales Invoice for PayPal sales.

What I would like to do, is include a line somewhere that says:

THANK YOU FOR PAYING WITH PAYPAL (or something similar) as I seem to be getting quite a few customers paying for scanners through PayPal and I’m assuming that their invoices are being passed on to their accounts department with the payments being duplicated.

Ideally, it would also be fantastic if any invoice created by using PAYPAL CASH SALE as the customer could automatically default to the PayPal Custom Theme if it’s at all possible.

I do realise that this may be a really big ask or not possible to do but I also thought that it would be worthwhile to put it out there for advice or comments.

On the subject of Custom Themes, can they be edited using a WYSIWYG HTML Editor as that’s about the limit of my (lack of) knowledge with HTML coding ?



I think that using a WYSIWYG editor will add a lot of junk code that would make the theme useless. Keep in mind also that themes use a subset of HTML code not the complete one.

The fact is, themes are written in the Liquid templating language. While similar to HTML, it’s not the same. As for your other comments:

  • Themes cannot be associated with customers. They can be set as defaults for transaction types.
  • Your default note can be set to appear whenever you use your PayPal custom theme.


Thanks so much for this info mate.

After posting my query, I did try using a HTML editor and of course it failed so that explains why.

I’ll keep chipping away and hopefully work something out.