Create Custom Invoice



How do I create a sales invoice like this?

I guess using a custom theme is your answer. I had asked a similar kind of question in past, the answer to that may help you, I am pasting the link to that post here: Custom Fields' Positioning on Sales Invoice - #2 by Tut

Like this

I did this using the standard invoice - you obviously havent tried :frowning:

If the Less: Receipt is not what you want, a custom theme and a local programmer could do the job but do you really think your customer cares?


@Joe91’s outstanding illustration depends on you recording the advance payment according to this Guide: Record customer deposits and advances | Manager. That would have been revealed by searching the Guides for “advance”.


Also @JohnM , if those invoice descriptions are frequently used you could create them as Non-inventory items under Setting, then you won’t have to re-type them in full on every invoice.