Customizing Themes to include banking information


I have been seeing rave reviews about the new Themes and i guess it must be a good thing. Unfortunately for me, my HTML skills are extremely limited

I am keen to use the default theme which is the first plain one from the left without any colours but i need to be able to add my banking information into that theme

Something to the effect of

Please verify the accuracy of this invoice and inform us of
any discrepancies within 7 days of this invoice.
All bank charges to be borne by Payee.
When making payment, please include your invoice number
or company name in your payment description.
Electronically Generated Invoice - No Signatory Required
Payment Options
Please Make All Cheques Payable to
ABC Company
Bank Account
Bank Name: ABC Bank
Bank Branch: xxxx
Bank Code: xxx
Account Number: xx-x-xxxxxx-x
Account Type: US Dollar Account

And i need to have two different versions of this, one for my local currency and the other for USD

If anyone can provide any advise or point me to documentation where i can do this myself, it would be much appreciated

You can put information like this in the Business identifier field under Settings => Business Details. Or you can add it to the Notes field and make it default text, which will add it to all future invoices. Or a combination of both. But that approach does not allow two versions. To have two versions, you would have to create two custom themes. And to do that, of course, you need a little HTML skill. If you don’t have it, you should easily be able to hire someone locally to do it for you.

Thanks… Let me try out both options