Comparing Sales Order against Available Inventory

I have a need to consult available inventory before accepting a sales order. As far as I know, only by creating new sales invoice you can affect inventory level so it become visible on inventory movement report. But doing so before you actually accept the order is bound to complicate things: inaccurate inventory level, messed up account receivable, etc.

Is there a way to view total item ordered before you commit it to sales invoice?

From accounting point of view, inventory is on hand when purchased or sold. Not when delivered or shipped.

This means, inventory quantity on hand as reported in Manager will almost never reflect what you physically have on hand.

The solution is upcoming warehousing/location module which will allow you to track where your inventory is. Then it will be easier to implement what you are asking for.

So there a few steps involved before Manager gets there but it will get there.

You’re going to add warehouse feature? Wow, I’m so looking forward!
Thanks for the respond, lubos.