Customized Sales Invoice Platform

The current sales invoice creation platform is nice, but, when being used by staff it is too lengthy a process when there is a long line.

Is there a way to customize it so it becomes less time consuming.

For e.g.
Would it be possible that if an individual user wanted, they could have the option that every time the ‘create sales invoice’ button was clicked it would create a list of all inventory items and the staff would just have to enter the quantity and the price (or leave it zero for items not being purchased). When the invoice is created it could only show items that had qty over 0.

I know this is pretty specific for an all-rounder sort of a software, but, since it is my understanding that it cannot be connected with POS terminals this would be the only way of making things faster.

Yeah, what you are describing is standard POS.

Sales invoices in Manager are flexible but at the cost of taking longer to create. Typical POS is solving this problem by restricting options and in return give more rapid way of data-entry.

I don’t plan to create POS-like interface in Manager for entering invoices (at least not in short-term) but there is going to be API which will allow Manager to be connected to POS terminals or skilled programmers will be able to create custom user interface to match any specific requirement.

I have been waiting for an API since your first commented about it long time ago. Any progress or release date on API?

Thanks in advance

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