Sales Invoice Copy to Recurring Sales Quote/Order

Dear Team,
Greetings of the day.
By any chance can we have option to copy the sales invoice to Recurring Sales Quote/Order using CopyTo button for next year service renewal.

Reason: we first send the Retainer Invoice to client for service renewal with the details(In Manager I use Sales Order, using custom title rename it as Sales Order). If client paid for the service we generate the tax invoice using Sales Invoice. If client doesn’t pay for service renewal / disconnected the service we are not getting liable to government for tax payment when we just generated Retainer Invoice.

I think that that would be “over-engineering” to solve a trivial case.

What I currently do is to keep a Recurring Sales Invoice and only batch create what’s been renewed and delete what has expired.

Later if a subscription was renewed after it’s expiry, I simply copy the original invoice.

Another option is Sales Order/Sales Quote first and then copy that to a Recurring Sales Order/Sales Quote which you can then copy to a Sales Invoice.

Just curious, how much time would this proposed development save you per month?

I was preparing a response just as @Ealfardan posted his. I differ slightly on one point.

I don’t think you should ever use a sales order as you describe. First, by renaming a sales order as an invoice, you run the risk of someone at the customer or tax authority misunderstanding. That would create needless problems. Second, a sales order activates Manager’s status monitoring capabilities, which could create other problems. Third, a sales order within an accounting system records the fact that a customer has indicated a desire to purchase something from you; that has not happened. Thus, further confusion.

Instead, if you want to send a document to prompt renewal, use a sales quote, because that is what you are doing: quoting future provision of goods or services. The sales quote could be renamed, if desired, but I see no reason to do that. You can also set up recurring sales quotes for a customer when they first subscribe.

The process to follow is to send the sales quote at renewal time in place of the first recurring sales invoice for the new subscription period. If the customer pays, edit the recurring sales invoice for the new expiration date (and possibly price). If the customer does not renew, cancel the recurring sales invoice.