Creating Sales Invoice from Sales Order/Quote

Is it possible (this could be a feature request?) to convert a sales order or quote to an invoice. I know you can create an invoice by “copy to…” but I find I am constantly going back and forth as I create a number of sales quotes which get accepted and so need to be converted to invoices. Once copied I have to then go back, find the quote and delete it (if I remember!). It would be lovely to have a “convert to…” option as well as a “copy to…” option so that the original quote/order is removed. Is there a way of doing this?

No, only the copy to function. Many keep their sales order for later cloning.
The option of a convert to function would assist with good housekeeping.

Maybe adding an automatic flag on the quote such as SOLD would help identify converted sales similar to the PAID/UNPAID in invoices. Would save searching through the list trying to remember which quotes are still active and need chasing while keeping the quote available for future cloning.

There are two issues involved here. First is the preservation of records. If you “convert” a quote to a sales invoice, the record that you made a quote in the first place is lost. The fact that you used the Copy to... feature to simplify the task of creating a sales invoice should not result in the destruction of other records. Thus, there is no “convert” feature.

Second is tracking of quote status. This is easily managed by use of a custom field with entries for Accepted, Open, Rejected, or whatever else may suit your particular needs. Different businesses might want to categorize quotes in different ways, which Manager could not predict. Identifying status is not quite so straightforward as with invoices, where something is coming due, overdue, or paid. A custom field with a dropdown list allows any desired group of status options. The custom field can be set to show as a column and will be visible in the Sales Quotes register.

Many thanks for the suggestions. The custom fields might just work. No two quotes/sale order are ever the same so I never need to clone one, but I do need an easy way to see which ones have converted from a quote to invoice etc.