Recurring sales option on Sales Invoice Tab

Hi Admin,
We are creating sales Invoice on regular basis and all products are by default with one Year warranty. Since, we forget to make it recurring Invoice every time so if possible if we can get a tab option during making any sales invoice. It will be easy to manage the recurring Invoice and save time.

When you create a new sales invoice, the invoice itself is displayed as soon as you click Create. At that moment, just use the Copy to button to copy to a new recurring sales invoice. One click, the same as if you had the option on the input screen. The chances of remembering are the same, either way.

But what does this have to do with a one year warranty?

Basically, we are next going with AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) that start just after one year warranty. If we are getting any check box option in sales invoice to make it recurring sales invoice then that is great.

If all it takes to create a recurring sales invoice is checking a box when creating any sales invoice, the potential for accidents seems very high. The Copy to option was added to make the process easy. Besides, creating a recurring sales invoice requires information on next issue date and interval that are not available when creating the original sales invoice:


The interval, if standard, could be handled via Form Defaults. But the next issue date, since it changes with every sale, could not. The point is, you must get to the recurring sales invoice entry screen, and a check box won’t magically generate a complete recurring invoice template.

Got it Sir…
Thanks a ton.
But ensure it should warn if duplicating.
Right now, we can create multiple recurring invoice for any sales Invoice,.

Yes, you can. And why not? Suppose you offer cleaning services for commercial buildings. You want to set up recurring sales invoices for every building owned by a customer. You would copy one sales invoice to a recurring sales invoice for each building the customer owns. As you do this, you would edit the recurring sales invoices to adjust pricing because of different building sizes, frequency of cleaning, or to add notes about the buildings’ addresses. If duplicates were prevented, you would lose that capability.

Hi Admin, Is there any possibility to see a mark on sales Invoice for Recurring Sales to avoid duplicacy.