Copy to: Receipt - link in Sales Quotes & Sales Orders

I would like to request that a “Copy to” Receipt link be added to Sales Quotes and Sales Orders.

Use Case:
I am involved with 2 organisations that operate using cash basis accounting and have annual membership fees. Prior to a new year starting Membership Renewals are sent to each existing member.
The continuance of membership is a decision for the member concerned and so sending an invoice is not really appropriate, so the renewal is sent by using a Sales Quote with a Custom title of “Membership Renewal”.
If the member decides to renew and pays their membership then a receipt is issued. Sometimes, when making payment, the member may request an invoice and this is accommodated by having a Custom Title on the Receipt of "Invoice/Receipt.

We have very few other sales that require an invoice and if there is a sale that we do need to issue an invoice then we use the Sales Order with Custom Title of “Invoice” and then when payment is received issue a receipt.

This process keeps everything strictly on a cash basis and then there are no problems encountered when creating reports.

For the purchases side a Copy to: Payment from PQ and PO would also be helpful.

Added to ideas.