Sales Orders Interpretation of Zero Quantity

Hi, I’d like to report what seems to be a bug.

I just noticed that one of my sales orders from 2017 no longer matches its invoice. It appears to be due to the fact that the quantity in two of the line items was left blank, while the unit price was filled in. Previously, if you left a quantity blank the system would assume the value was 0 once you created the sales order and no charge would appear in the sub-total for this item. Now, the system seems to be assuming the blank quantity represents a 1 and because the unit price field is filled in it is causing a charge to appear in the sub-total, thereby increasing the overall total. Please see the attached screenshots.

The related invoice is unaffected. Thanks

Original Sales Order 2017:

Screenshot (343) - Original Sales Order 2017

Changed Sales Order 2021:

I’ve done a search and found that I have 11 sales orders from the past (pre-lock date) affected by this bug.

This has changed back and forth quite a few times. Now the blanks are not considered as 0s because this will speed up the entry process.

Yes, but it shouldn’t affect sales orders pre-lock date. It could be disastrous for people if they have numerous sales orders like this.

It may be that this bug appeared some time ago, but perhaps I’ve only just noticed it because now the system is showing sales orders as ‘invoiced’ or ‘uninvoiced’, so with these particular sales orders I saw that it was saying ‘partially invoiced’.

@FCP, you need to understand that sales orders have no financial impact on anything. The temporary change and reversal of interpretation of zeros on transactions (not just on sales orders) that @Ealfardan mentioned happened long ago. It is not clear that any damage is being done to your financial statements. You have simply noticed a status condition that was not previously disclosed. The status determinations are somewhat arbitrary to begin with and do not fit some business models at all. So, unless you have a strong reason to be worried about status indications from 2017, I wonder whether investigating this is worth the effort.

Hi Tut, maybe ‘disastrous’ was an exaggeration. I know sales orders have no financial impact as such, but for us they are records of the bills we send our clients and a number of them now look like they were only partially invoiced. Luckily it was not that many and I had PDF versions of them in any case, so I was able to refer to those and amend them to be showing the correct values, but if it was lots more it would be have been rather annoying to have incorrect records and a tedious task to correct.

Anyway, I only raised it as I didn’t realise it was an old bug. As you rightly said, I had just noticed it due to a status condition that was not previously apparent.


It was never a bug. There were deliberate changes made to the program that were reported to cause problems by users. So the changes were reversed.

ok, I see, thanks