No charge - Uninvoiced sales orders

This might not suit everyone but I’m wondering if there is a way to have “no charge” or something similar in the Invoice Status column of Sales Orders?

For a bit of context, we’re a service based business who prepares reports and we use the Sales Orders as our workflow list. It contains a lot more information than a typical sales order list due to the custom fields we have set up but it works for us which is great. However we sometimes have reports that need minor amendments after they were originally completed and invoiced so we clone the original sales order to keep the reference number consistent and modify the date so the cloned sales order shows in order that the work needs to be completed in relation to other sales orders.

For these amendment type sales orders we don’t charge for the amendments so we have $0 shown in all of the cells in the sales order but the invoice status says “Uninvoiced”.

Is there a way to have this changed, even if its a manual tick box or something I can do at our end to show that its a no charge sales order?

I’ve generated a $0 invoice from the cloned sales order which changes the invoice status to “invoiced” but taking this approach I’ll have invoices that show as $0 throughout the invoices which I’m thinking wouldn’t be the best approach from an accounting perspective.

Happy to hear any opinions on the best approach for this type of scenario.

I think you are doing things the best way, considering that you want to enter the amendments into your documented workflow.

Thanks Tut.

Other than the $0 invoices, is there a way of marking these sales orders as no charge or invoiced? Assuming the answer is no.

I haven’t been doing the $0 invoices to date but just tested it to see if it works, which is does, but I’m not sure if my accountant is going to love this approach. Happy to be corrected if accountants are ok with this.

I’m really just trying to find a solution to simplify my end of month checks where I confirm all staff have issued invoices for completed work. At the moment, I’m scrolling through Sales Orders for each month and checking that each one is invoiced. So when one comes up that isn’t invoiced I have to open the sales order to confirm it was just an amendment and no invoice required which is a bit tedious and takes longer.

Your assumptions are correct as far as Manager goes. Don’t make any assumptions about your accountant—just ask.


@mbooth If the sales order total is zero, then invoice status should not be Uninvoiced because there is nothing to invoice. I will improve this so you do not have to do zero-invoice workaround.


Thanks. This would be great.

For the time being I’ve created a work around with a custom field to make end of month checks quicker but a more long term solution would be appreciated.

In the latest version (23.12.3) orders where order amount is zero will be automatically shown as “Invoiced”.

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